The Summer Time.

Hello to one and all.


I hope to Christ you’re really well.


This is a quick email to give you a heads up on a flurry of work in progress dates over the next two months and some advance information for Regents Park Open Air theatre tickets.


So me, myself and Gavin Osborn are doing Regents Park Open Air Theatre on Sunday the 7th of July. The show is going to start at 9pm (in order to maximise the magical night time twinkly vibes) and run at 90 minutes or so, straight through (in order to get out of there by the 11pm curfew). Here is the Blurb.



Daniel Kitson and Gavin Osborn – Outside. Again.




There was a time when we came here every year, to sing songs amongst the trees, and tell tales beneath the stars to fill the sky with a bonfire built from laughter and love and joy and wonder.


But that was years ago now.


Back when life was a gathering glory of boundless potential. Back when simplistic sadness felt profound and broken hearts were plot points and death was just a narrative device. Back when a night’s sleep could stretch out beyond noon and eating crispy shredded beef after midnight had minimal digestive repercussions the following day. Back before births and deaths and distance and doubt. Before beliefs buckled and hope came to feel facile and pyjamas started to almost always smell at least a little bit of piss.


And yet.


Here we are again.


In the middle of the night in the middle of the summer.


Under the sky.


In a park.


Rummaging in the rubble for something to burn, a forgotten fragment of anything flammable, searching for something to set alight and hold aloft and to fling it, together, once again, out and up into the deepening dark.



Show will include: Sad songs, funny stories, indefensible declarations, crosstalk, technical difficulties, sad stories, moths, funny songs, quite possibly a chant and at least two, standard lamps.


Not bad.


Tickets are twelve pounds (plus 1.80 booking fee) so they’re actually 13.80. If you want to be reasonable about it.


General sales open on the 18th of June but tickets will actually go on sale at 11am on the 11th of June to members of the Open Air Theatre and also YOU. I’ve wangled a promo code for you plonkers to get early access. Please don’t whack this code out on social media or anything like that. Just use it. And then burn it.


Here’s what to do on the 11th June at 11am.


(1) Click on this link -


(2) Follow the listing  for me and Gav (which may not be there yet but will be there by then, okay?)


(3) Enter this code DKOAT19 and you’ll be able to buy tickets.



So that’s that. In other news. I’ve whacked a variety of work in progress shows in over the coming weeks. Initially these will be working towards regents park and thereafter maybe something in Edinburgh.  


Just quickly, the vagueness of my Edinburgh plans is not a marketing scheme or a sneaky ploy or indicative of callous disregard for your spreadsheets, its just not sorted yet and if (or more likely, when) I sort it – I’ll boink you an email.


In the meantime – here are the listings of preview shows. There’s some in Bristol, lots in London and a couple in Hebden Bridge. You can click on the relevant link below for information about dates and prices and times. Do bear in mind that times vary. Some of the Bill Murray ones are in the afternoon so do double check.


Oh also, the ones at the Bill Murray are called Waggle – because I found it briefly funny to call them that


And they should all be onsale now except Hebden Bridge which will be up and running either later today or tomorrow.


So here are the links.



London – Bill Murray  -


Bristol  - Wardrobe Theatre.  -



Hebden Bridge – Trades Club


These dates are the 29th and 30th of July and the tickets should be onsale through this link within the next 24 hours  -



And that’s that.




Time for some water and a bit or air.


Yum yum yum.






Daniel Kitson.

Daniel Kitson