Breakfast Radio is my Natural Home.

Hello Ding Dongs.

Last year, in May, i did three or four weeks of radio shows between 7 and 9 am on the London based but globally available community arts radio station - Resonance FM. It was a lot of fun - i got to get up early, ride my bike into town, let myself into an empty building and play songs i liked or had never heard before for a couple of hours, whilst having a bit of chat in between songs like how Radio disc Jockeys do* - You get me?

Well, you’ll never bloody well guess what - i’m only bloody doing it again aren’t I?

Starting on Monday 6th of May - Monday to Friday (Not wednesdays) 7-9am on Resonance FM.

You can find it here

It wont be repeated or on listen again or anything - it’s just happening when its happening and thats it.


*There was one day where i didn’t say anything actually, apart from goodbye after two hours of banging jams - because i am constantly pushing the form/deep into some heavy vibes.

Daniel Kitson