Some Things That I am Doing (Relatively) Soon.

Hello Everyone.


I have three (3) specific announcements and then a few vague, heads up type things. I had wanted to wait until I had all the vaguery done and dusted and announce everything at the same time so as not to repeatedly delight you with email after email of intimate* and personal** chit chat***. Unfortunately three of the things are now onsale – so I need to tell you otherwise they will have ALL SOLD OUT**** by the time I tell you.


So – Firstly, I am doing the benefit gig in Wolverhampton for Tom Parrys old youth theatre which I basically do every year. It’s at the Grand theatre in Wolverhampton on the 5th of June. It’s always a fun show but this years bill is really very good. It’s David O’doherty, Rose Matafeo, Tom Parry, Darren Harriot, John Robins and Tom Allen.


I will be compering, as ever, opening the show with a level of confidence in my own ability that will absolutely flummox and alienate an audience who don’t know, trust, or like me. Before winning them round over the course of the night into a mild but constant antipathy.


It’s a lot of fun, it’s for a good thing, it’s a great bill and, for once, you’ll get to watch me surrounded by people who don’t think I’m A Holy Genius Christ Figure ™


You can get tickets here -



Secondly*****, Keep, the show I wrote for Battersea Arts Centre at the start of the year and then toured around Australia for a couple of months, is going to be in Liverpool Everyman and Northern Stage (in Newcastle) during September and October respectively. The Newcastle shows are on general sale now and the Liverpool ones go on general sale next Tuesday but the below link will be live from today, for you guys (and I guess, anyone else who tries it, anyway) here are the dates and links for tickets and more information.


Liverpool Everyman Theatre – September 17th to 21st-

Northern Stage – October 15th to 19th -



That’s the end of the confirmed bits, now the heads up stuff:


- Me and Gavin Osborn are going to write something for a one off show in Regents Park this summer, it’ll either be 21st or 7th of July depending on other stuff and will be confirmed by next week.


- I am in the last bits of logistics and negotiations to take Keep to Washington DC at the end of November before going on St Anns Warehouse in New York for December. This should all be done within a couple of weeks.


- There are also potentially a few other north American dates for Keep, which again, I’ll know in the next couple of weeks.


But more information to follow on all of those things. As soon as they are confirmed, I’ll start frantically typing at you, begging you to buy tickets and fund my various unsavoury enthusiasms.


In terms of Edinburgh, I have no venue or time slot or show and yet still, for some reason, feel like I am going to go. If I do pull something together (which I may well not) I will obviously let you know. I dare say that’s infuriating for a handful of you with spread sheets and travel dates – but that’s all I know for now. Sorry about that.


I do hope this makes sense, I’ve been falling asleep a lot whilst writing it due to being a breakfast radio DJ and it now being 2pm (aka naptime for cool guys).





* - Deliberately constructed

** - Manipulative

*** - Marketing campaigns.

**** - Tickets available for all shows.

***** - And thirdly, actually.


Daniel Kitson