People Of Australia

People of Australia*
I am bringing my new show Keep to your wide brown land.  I’ve not been over there for two years and I haven’t brought a new, but finished thing for YONKS.
This show, I can confirm is both new and finished.  It’s neither a work in progress stand up show (like in 2017) or an ambitious new piece with absolutely baffling technical issues (like in 2015). It’s new. Sure. But its finished. Amazing.
I tried it out on these dumb northern hemisphere chumps, and spent a month at Battersea Arts Centre, making it very good actually, thank you.
Sorry to toot my own pipe.
Not really for me to say.
Toot. Toot. Toot.
I am genuinely, very excited to bring it over there and I really enjoy doing the show, which I guess is all irrelevant to you but excellent news for me in terms of the next couple of months.
Here is the blurb for the show,
I’m going to put in italics.
Get ready
A new show about how much past the present can usefully contain. About rigor and generosity. About postcards and hair pins and a certificate from Harry Ramsdens in Blackpool. About how long it takes to stop noticing where you are. About the compromise of a full life and the burden of a full heart and how it’s impossible to know where looking back will lead. About the task of being who we are without denying who we’ve been. About the importance of regret and the possibility of hope and the delusional idea of starting again. About all the books I’ve never read and all the jam I’ve ever eaten and the bags of torn tickets and the drawers of empty pens and the inevitable sadness of ever holding on to anything.  
About, in short, the stuff in my house and the thoughts in my head
All tickets are onsale now,  all tickets are $25 and here are the dates. You can buy tickets and find times (there are various ones) on the relevant links.
Perth – Subiaco Arts Centre - March 4-6th
Adelaide – Scott Theatre – March 8th- 13th (not 11th)
Brisbane – Qpac – March 15th and 16th.  
Sydney – Seymour Centre – March 19th - 23rd
Melbourne – Malthouse – March 28th – April 21st. (Not Mondays)
The show is two hours long. With no latecomers. And. No readmission. 
You’re adults right?
Besides that, I would advise not reading about the show before hand, not simply because it got an old fashioned kicking in the papers based largely (although not exclusively) on a pretty shonky first night but also because knowing as little as you can on the way in is best for maximum fun times (Motto #29)
And I want you to have maximum fun times.
Is that a crime?
Possibly actually.
Sounds creepy now im reading out loud in my house to no-one.
Anyway – there you go. That’s all you need to know.
Also, guys, do me a solid and tell other people yeah? I used to be a big deal over there but I’m not any more and its all happening quite soon and I wouldn’t mind

So. If you’ve got friends who used to come and watch my shows before they had kids or I pushed the boundaries of the form to breaking point, do let them know that D machine is back in town, taking names*** and blowing minds****
I am getting very excited about this jaunt*****now that I have nearly sorted the freight (not a euphemisim) and I cant wait to hire bikes and drink coffee and fill my face with gaytimes.
Grow up.
* And people who will be in Australia at the time but aren’t actually OF** Australia
**This sentence feels dangerously close to true blue hate speech but is actually just logistical clarity for marketing purposes. Fine line. Fine. Line.
*** I will not be taking names.
**** Kaboom.
***** Work trip.

Daniel Kitson